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We are in the second generation of antique dealers and antique furniture restorers.

The restoration activity began in 1966, when my father, Gabriele Miori, at the age of 23, after an 8-year apprenticeship at a renowned local carpentry that dealt with the restoration of antique furniture, opened his workshop in Lonato del Garda. The passion for antiques dates back to those years, and in particular for furniture,  over the years my father perfected his restoration techniques and built up considerable expertise in this regard. Since then there have been numerous collaborations with important antique dealers and other fellow restorers. Over time, thanks to the experience acquired both in the restoration and in the trade of antique furniture and objects, my father's business became an important reference for colleagues and individuals in evaluating the authenticity of high antiques furniture.  

Around 1980 the business  had a decisive turning point: the demand for furniture and antiques in Italy is higher than the supply and therefore it was decided to expand the area  research in England and France.  

I, Nicola, growing up in this environment could only fall in love and become passionate about this magnificent work, where "beauty" and "history" are the dominant values. After completing my higher studies at the Guidizzolo Art Institute, I started working in the laboratory to learn the various restoration techniques, and  learn to differentiate various styles and eras, and steal the "secrets of the trade".

I therefore began to accompany him on trips to France (about 7/8 times a year) in search of furniture and objects that have characterized the Cisalpine history of the past centuries.  

In 2002 I accepted the passing of the baton from my father with a deep sense of responsibility and I accepted to personally take over the management of the family business, determined to keep the course with a view to continuity and enhancement of what my father had done. father in more than 35 long years of study and work lavished with great dedication and passion.

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In 2013, in addition to having acquired a thorough knowledge of European antiques, I began to take an assiduous interest in oriental art (which I have always been fascinated by), in particular Chinese and Japanese. I have dedicated time and effort to the study of those cultures that have a thousand-year history, and I have gradually begun to buy furniture and objects that testify to that fascinating and complicated world.

I am still looking for ancient European and oriental objects; I purchase both individual objects and entire inheritances from private individuals and collectors, to satisfy the requests and interests of my clientele, which has for some time been mainly foreigners.

For some years I have been present at the "MERCANTE IN FIERA" exhibition in Parma, the largest antiques and collectibles fair in Europe, and I participate in numerous other minor fairs. 

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